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How do you find your personal taste among dozens of wines? That’s easy!

Let Christophe of ’t Hemelryck help you at one of our tastings or wine fairs. Twice a year a tastings takes place at the hotel. Here we introduce to you 20 to 30 wines in all price ranges. We also show you which wine goes with wath seasonal dish and we even give you a snack to confirm the combinations.

Whisky tastings

Recently you can find whiskey tastings at ’t Hemelryck. At the request of the customers, we offer some time to a greater diversity of whiskey. Add to this our interests and tastes for the combination of dishes and you see how quickly it grew. So you can find whiskey tastings at ’t Hemelryck, both the beginner as the specialist will feel himself at home.

A program takes about an hour and a half and consists of six whiskeys. Here the basic characteristics are identified. You also get a quick explanation of the production, aging, … and everything you need for your own knowledge to expand. If you wish, snacks can be served to demonstrate that you can perfectly match food and whiskey!

More information can be obtained from Christophe. A whisky tasting is already available starting from € 25,00 per person



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